How Sponsoring a Child Works
When you sponsor a child, you help pay for their school fees and provide school supplies, school shoes, school uniforms, backpacks, hygienic items, nutritional snacks, winter blankets, after school tutoring, encouragement, and spiritual education from their Caregiver.
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Leaders Partner with Communities
Our National Leaders connect with local families through various outreach projects. These projects help locals to be self-sustaining.
We Connect 1 Child with 1 Sponsor
Children from these hard-pressed families in are then nominated for sponsorship through our Giving Children Hope (GCH) Program. Each child is paired with one sponsor.
Your Investment Is Maximized
We are proud to say that only 10% of any donation goes towards operating expenses. 90% goes directly to support families and children within hurting communities.
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How Often Do I Receive Update?
AIM sends you updates of your child twice a year. You will receive either an updated picture or more information of your child from overseas! So be on the lookout in your mailbox! You may also check the account you created online to see the periodic updates of your child or make necessary changes.
How is My Monthly Support Used?
Your sponsorship helps towards school fees and provides school supplies, school shoes, school uniforms, backpack, after school tutoring, encouragement, spiritual education from their Caregiver, nutritional snacks, and winter blankets.
When Does My Child Graduate From Sponsorship?
Once your child reaches 18 years old, he or she will graduate from the Giving Children Hope program and the AIM office will provide a new child in your original child’s stead. Some of our children have pursued further education and have become teachers, nurses, or pastors!
Why Did My Child Move?
Your children come from dire situations of which we can only begin to imagine. Their parents or guardians constantly look for work to provide for their families and survive. Therefore, we must respect a parent or guardian’s decision to pick up their family and move if they find work elsewhere. Your sponsorship goes towards the child’s betterment and helps a child fight the generational cycle of poverty. But the family must still deal with the harshness of their current situation. Our Caregivers counsel, disciple, and pray over the family. However, in cases where a child cannot remain in the Giving Children Hope program, we will offer another child for you to sponsor in his/her stead. Regardless of how long a child remains in our GCH program, your sponsorship will impact their lives!
How Do I Get My Invoice if I Give By Check?
If you are giving by check, you will receive a paper invoice in the mail once you create your account. You may mail your checks to Alpha International Ministries, P.O. Box 38838, Greensboro, NC 27438. Please be sure to put the ID number of your child and his/her first name in the “Memo” section.
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