AIM provides “Living Water Wells” in places where no wells exist. Help by drilling a well now
AIM provides “Living Water Wells” in places where no wells exist. Help by drilling a well now

Financial Accountability

Through generous donor contributions, AIM is growing and extending its reach and impact in India, Nepal and Africa. At the same time, AIM is evolving its administrative practices, financial management techniques, use of technology and risk mitigation activities to ensure effective and efficient stewardship of donor funds. Annual budgets, periodic financial forecasts, quarterly tracking of dedicated funds utilization, monthly reconciliation of bank deposits to donor contributions, and reconciliation of expense detail to the income statement are staples of the financial control process.

Efficiency has been enhanced by implementing a financial accounting system which permits AIM's outside accountant to remotely access accounting information. Efficiency and accuracy have been enhanced further when a new automated donor contribution system, which integrates cash, check, ACH and credit card donations into one integrated process, was developed and implemented.

Board approved written policies and procedures have been implemented addressing, among other things, record retention and destruction, conflicts of interests, intellectual property and whistleblower processes. Staff compensation is benchmarked using applicable ecumenical surveys.

The security of donor records and protection of other types of information is stressed in AIM's administrative practices. General and Administrative expenses account for only five percent of the AIM budget and compares favorably with other charitable entities. This exemplifies the focus to ensure that your contributions are principally used for outreach and ministry initiatives.

A copy of the 990 Return filed with IRS is available upon written request to the AIM office.
Please contact our office if we can be of further assistance at 817-453-0740.

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