AIM is Giving Children Hope by reaching out to children and caring for them. Help by supporting a child now
AIM is Giving Children Hope by reaching out to children and caring for them. Help by supporting a child now


In 1965, Reverend Cherian Mathews, founder of Alpha Ministries, felt called by God to move his wife Grace and family from Kerala in southern India, a place where 35 percent of the population is Christian, to go to northern India where the population was less than half a percent Christian and openly hostile to the Christian message.

Against all odds, they started a pioneer evangelistic work in a virtual grave yard of missions. During the first 18 years they saw few results. His family suffered hunger, hardship, and persecution. His first daughter died in his arms because he did not have the money to provide medical treatment. In spite of the opposition and difficulties, by the grace of God he stood firm on his calling.

For 22 years Reverend Mathews possessed only a Bible and a bicycle. Each day he would go and preach the gospel throughout his city and nearby villages. While there were many who tried to discourage him, he felt compelled to continue and God honored his faithfulness. As a result of his efforts, over 1,200 churches have been planted in places where no church has previously existed, 600 national church planters are now actively evangelizing the region, and over 500 children have been taken off the streets and have been placed into Christian homes.

With all of the success that God has given Reverend Mathews he still remains humble. Now even past age 70, Reverend Matthews still goes out into villages with unhygienic conditions, eats what the local people eat, and sleeps near cow sheds. Reverend Mathews routinely travels across the country preaching and baptizing people by the hundreds. He views himself as “an example of how God can use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.” “God” he says, “only requires faithfulness and obedience.”

Reverend Cherian Mathews currently serves AIM as its chairman.

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