AIM is Giving Children Hope by reaching out to children and caring for them. Help by supporting a child now
AIM is Giving Children Hope by reaching out to children and caring for them. Help by supporting a child now

Sending National Church Planters

Send (Romans 10:14-15): India has 18 official languages and 1500 dialects. With the linguistic and cultural differences between people groups, National Church Planters (NCPs) are more effective in reaching the people and planting churches. In addition, the NCPs can adapt to extreme weather conditions and their lifestyle is cost effective. AIM strategically places these NCPs and supports them financially. We construct churches for the NCPs that are used for worship services and a center for GCH children to meet. AIM also provides tools like gospel literature, Bibles, New Testaments, Bicycles and Motorbikes to NCPs. AIM currently has 505 NCPs networking with us. You can sponsor a NCP and his family for $100 a month.

Wheels for the Gospel:

Lack of transportation and good roads are real challenges to reach a majority of the 500,000 villages that are waiting for someone to share the gospel with them. No one should be kept from hearing the gospel for lack of transportation. Our National Church Planters take the gospel on foot to these villages and then are given Bicycles. Once they plant several churches and become Overseers we provide them a Motorcycle. You can help the gospel go faster and further by donating a Bicycle for $100 or a Motorcycle for $1,200.

U.S. Short-term Mission Teams:

AIM send teams from USA to serve alongside the Nationals through four high impact events on each trip; Evangelistic Campaigns, AWE Conferences, Medical Camp and Children’s Camp. Pastors and teachers preach and teach in the AIM World Evangelism Conferences; A Medical team provides a healing touch to those who do not have access to Medical care; Lay people get to love on children and teach them God’s word through a Children’s Camp. Pastors have testified that people that have been one of the AIM teams have returned changed and are some of the most committed members of their church. More than 500 from the USA have been part of these teams to India, Nepal and Africa in the Last 7 years. Please write to to join us on one of these teams.

Supporting the Persecuted:

Our national church planters (NCPs) have been beaten, imprisoned, and some have lost their lives. However, our NCPs remain committed to teaching the Word and preaching the gospel at any cost in villages where the name of Christ has not been heard. Persecution against Christians does not typically appear in the western press as neither the Indian news agencies nor the Indian government wants to publicize these atrocities. Very often these persecuted Christians require medical and, legal expenses. Unfortunately, most do not have these funds or resources. Please pray that they may have the grace to suffer these difficulties and that God would direct a way out of their trials. Please consider making a donation to the Persecuted Pastor’s fund.


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