Provide Support and Tools for ministry; in addition send US Teams for Humanitarian AID
Provide Support and Tools for ministry; in addition send US Teams for Humanitarian AID




Dr.Bill Bennett

It has been my highest privilege and joy to mentor Brother Finny Mathews from 1995 to the present time. He came to me, having already been divinely called and powerfully anointed, and I have rejoiced to see him grow in stature with God and man until he stands today as a world missionary and dynamic President of Alpha International Ministries. He is a true man of God, a sacrificial servant of Jesus, possesses the highest personal integrity, and is highly devoted to his family. In a word, I believe Finny is becoming a world-wide leader in the evangelization of a lost world. Deo Soli Gloria. His wife, Bindu, is as surrendered as he is to his ministry.

Founder and President, Mentoring Men for the Master

Will Grahm

I thank God that I’ve had the chance to partner with AIM. They believe, as I do, that God will use His church to win the world for Jesus Christ. I have had the opportunity to preach on behalf of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association where AIM has planted these churches.

Vice President, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Dr. Mark Howell

Have you noticed how many Christians would rather talk about the Great Commission than obey the Great Commission? Today, we hear so much about about being missional. Conferences, seminars, and books abound that promote the need for missional living and missional thinking. And while all of these things are good, at some point one must get past the good and get on with the go! That is why I am so excited about what God is doing through AIM and the ministry of Finny Mathews. Never in my 20+ years of ministry have I witnessed such an amazing movement of God. It's one thing to have a heart to reach people; it's an entirely different thing to have a passion to reach an entire country. But that is exactly what AIM is doing. Biblically. Passionately. Strategically. Compassionately. My first thought after returning from India? Thank you God for raising up a ministry like AIM and a leader like Finny Mathews for such a time as this. My second thought? How can my church and my people catch the same vision and be a strategic partner in God's great work in India and beyond.

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Daytona Beach
Former Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministries at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Pastor David Sims

AIM is impacting and expanding the Kingdom of God in a profound way -- truly the most amazing missions movement I have ever seen! AIM presents those who love the Great Commission an incredible opportunity to see the gospel spread in India through the local church. Reaching people and making disciples by planting churches and training indigenous pastors. Even just a little in terms of our time and financial resources can yield much Kingdom fruit, imagine if we all gave sacrificially to this great ministry!

Senior Pastor, Richland Creek Community Church

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