Provide Support and Tools for ministry; in addition send US Teams for Humanitarian AID
Provide Support and Tools for ministry; in addition send US Teams for Humanitarian AID



We at AIM are praying that you and your family have the best New Year yet. A year with all it’s joys and challenges has gone so quickly. However, as you read the Annual Report and highlights of AIM, please know what God has accomplished through your generosity, which has eternal blessings and rewards. On behalf of thousands of people who heard the gospel through our Evangelistic Campaigns and the hundreds of persecuted pastors and children that you have blessed in 2013, we express our heartfelt appreciation to each of you.

Nonetheless, as always, I want to remind you that there are nearly 700 million people in India alone that have not heard the greatest love story of all; that God sent his only Son on the first Christmas day to save them. No doubt God’s heart breaks as 40,000 Indians die everyday and a majority of them have not heard the name of His Son. Together we can bring joy to the heart of God and to our world by committing ourselves to make Christ known to our world in 2014 and beyond. Luke 2:10-11


  • 1,069 church planting stations in 13 States in India and Nepal
  • 505 AIM National Leaders in India and Nepal.
  • 1,500 children provided daily care through Giving Children Hope (GCH) AIMAnnual Report
  • 52,000 attend 2 Campaigns; more than 12,000 make professions of faith at the Festival of Hope, Evangelistic Campaigns
  • 2,898 people baptized
  • 3,200 National Leaders trained at 5 AIM Leadership Conferences
  • 515 Villages visited by our National Pastors and Leaders
  • 1,500 Children provided daily care through Giving Children Hope (GCH)
  • 1,500 Children attended GCH Children's Camps
  • 5,625 Provided Medical Care through AIM Medical Camps & Free Medical Clinic.
  •  1,350 Buckets of Love given to Disaster Victims
  • 46 students enrolled in the Alpha Bible College
  • 38 Bicycles given to National Leaders to take the gospel further
  • 5 Motorcycles given to pastors who are overseers who must travel long distances
  • 40 Sewing Machines given to widows and women in need
  • 13 Clean Living Water Wells drilled in villages
  • 2,500 Sweaters & Warm Blankets given to Children and Senior Citizens
  • 3,000 Bibles given to New Converts
  • 115,000 Gospel literatures distributed through village evangelism

Uttarakhand: Reaching out to villages which have not received help yet

Kedarnath Valley: Reaching the flood affected areas of Uttarakhand is not easy, but with many villages still cut off, the only way to reach them is on foot. AIM took a team of volunteers along with basic essentials to villages that haven't received them.

The bucket of love included the following:

  • Jam bottles
  • Butter packs
  • Glucose packs
  • Rusks packets
  • Biscuits packets
  • Horlicks Bottles
  • Candles
  • Match boxes
  • Mosquito repellants
  • Salt Packets
  • Bathing Buckets

The flood relief journey started from Lucknow (U.P) which is more than 750kms from Uttarakhand. After reaching the Tilwara village in Uttarakhand it was not possible for the truck to move forward, so the buckets of love were transferred into smaller local jeeps. Then the team moved forward to Shumari, Silly and Agustmuni through smaller vehicles.

Transformation of a Community through the Power the Gospel

GCH in a Snake (Cobra) Charmer Village

A glance around Bengali Khera, a small colony of crudely constructed huts of sticks and layered mud bricks on the outskirts of Lucknow, India. The people living here are snake charmers. Their practice of snake charming includes: catching of snakes, keeping them in captivity for extended periods of time, and training them to perform. This has traditionally has been passed from the father to his son. For generations, it has provided them critical means of support for their families. They also hunt rabbits, fish, jackal or any other eatable thing. Generally, they live as wandering performers. Many of them are from forest dwelling tribes. These snake charmers have now moved into cities like Lucknow and have also taken up whatever unskilled jobs they can lay their hands on. The world they had known for generations has changed. Their lack of education and menial wage acquired from working morning to night has brought them in a miserable condition. These laborers often turn to alcohol as one of their only form of solace. Their families often suffer the brunt of their hopeless and/or angered state when they return home.

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