Our Story
The incredible story of AIM demonstrates how God accomplished great things by using one man with a vision and passion for the Great Commission to bring lasting change in communities worldwide.
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In 1965 it Started With a Call
Our founder, Dr. Cherian Mathews, heard God calling his family to leave Kerala, a tropical paradise in southern India, with 25% Christians to minister to those in need in northern India; A place where there is less then .5% Christians. It was a 1,319 mile journey to a land  where they didn’t know the language or customs.
One Bicycle and One Family
For the first 18 years of their ministry, the Mathews raised 7 children in a 750 square foot home where they endured hunger, hardship, and persecution. Because of these intense conditions they lost their 2 year old daughter, Febi. Undeterred, Cherian continued to bike thousands of miles to minister to families in need in the surrounding villages.
Growth Amidst Struggle
As more communities experienced life change, Cherian saw the need to develop leaders to support the work and began hosting training conferences to empower national leaders. It was in 1998, at their largest conference, that a radical militant group attacked at night while they slept with the intent to stop the advance of the ministry. But rather than crushing their spirit, it only strengthened their resolve. This event drew international attention and the following day, speaking with reporters, they forgave their attackers and pledged their lives to the work of the ministry, even unto death.
Leaving a Legacy
Cherian continued raising leaders to reach their communities untill the day of his passing, on Nov. 2019. Hundreds of those who were impacted by the ministry gathered to walk in the processional of his funeral. In his lifetime, Cherian saw 2,000 churches planted, 10,000 leaders trained, 1,000 children receive daily care through his sponsorship program and helped over 1 million people hear the gospel.
Carrying the Vision
Having served in the ministry alongside his father since the age of 18, Rev. Finny Mathews became AIM’s President in 2002. Fueled with a passion to grow the work, Finny went on to gain his Masters in Divinity at Southeastern Seminary and has succeeded in expanding the ministry into 9 other nations. Today, he and his wife, Bindu, continue the work of empowering nationals to reach the nations.
Expanding the Vision
Today AIM supports partners in 11 countries as we continue to fulfill the Great Commission
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