AIM provides “Living Water Wells” in places where no wells exist. Help by drilling a well now
AIM provides “Living Water Wells” in places where no wells exist. Help by drilling a well now

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Support Linthoi


Linthoi started her school in 2018. She wants to be a nurse. She is the first child among two kids. Her parents work in the paddy field as contract laborers (everyday does not guarantee a job). They struggle to provide for their kids' education let alone basic needs of the family. The family lives in the maternal grandmother's house. Manipur is a beautiful mountainous state. However, it is strife with drug trafficking and human trafficking. AIM works with a missionary who has a passion for his people. We support their efforts through child sponsorships towards their schooling, uniforms, tutoring, and nutritional snacks. Please support Linthoi for her brighter future!


Support Soyo


I live in the mountainous regions of Ukhrul district in the north eastern state of Manipur in India. I am the oldest child with 2 siblings. I like reading and singing. My mother died in 2016 and my father is partially handicapped. He runs a small shop in the local area in a rented house. I do all house hold chores and do my studies. He seeks for help where he can only pray to see the child growing in an educational institute. Kindly pray for my better future. Thank you!


Support Solan


Solan’s parents is a daily wage laborer who lives in T. Chahong (family’s home village) while her mom and 4 siblings live in Ukhrul. Solan’s mom has health issues (heart problems and diabetes) disabling her from maintaining a regular work schedule as a laborer. Solan’s family lives in a rented house. All the children want to go to school so their mother runs a small pan shop to support her children’s education. Despite all their hard work, it is hard to provide for family needs. Solan loves singing and watching video choreography. She wants to become a good teacher so she can teach others in her village. Your sponsorship will support her schooling and spiritual development through the Caregiver. Please sponsor Solan for her better future. Thank you!

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