AIM is Giving Children Hope by reaching out to children and caring for them. Help by supporting a child now
AIM is Giving Children Hope by reaching out to children and caring for them. Help by supporting a child now

AIM Center of Hope (ACH)

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The AIM Center of Hope (ACH) will serve the following purposes throughout the year:

AIM International School: International schools are sought after in India and the rich and middle class people pay high fees for admissions. The opportunity to attend a private Kindergarten through 12th grade school will appeal to people in the community. As a result, we will be able to provide them with an education. Our goal is to enroll 30% of the poor students from our Giving Children Hope ministry; like other private schools, the other students will pay fees and tuition. These fees will be an additional source of funding for the ministry.

Giving Children Hope Center, Orphanage, and Dorms for Children and Women: The goal of this Giving Children Hope (GCH) is to educate children and give them a chance to break the cycle of poverty. This facility will also be used to house women to attend vocational training, providing them dignity and preventing human trafficking.

Training for National Leaders: The campus will host training events throughout the year to equip and empower national leaders. Most nationals lack the basic education and the financial means to obtain a prolonged period of training. Therefore, a short-term training and equipping program is the key to fill this need in developing nations.

USA Short-term Teams: Over the last decade more than 500 short-term teams have come and taught at our conferences, provided medical care, and gave education to our children through children’s camp. This campus provides a safe environment for these teams to come and impact the lives of nationals. In addition, through the private school on campus, we will be able to host exchange students and teachers.

AIM Medical Camps: The ACH will hosts medical camps throughout the year. Volunteer medical doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists from the USA provide free medical care to our leaders, college students, and children. We will be dedicating several rooms for a permanent medical and dental clinic.

AIM College: The ACH will have a residential College which offers a 2 year Diploma and a 3 year Bachelor’s Degree. Education is held in high esteem in Indian society and educated people are respected. Future leaders will need to engage intellectually with the ongoing debates in society and offer inspiring solutions.

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