Provide Support and Tools for ministry; in addition send US Teams for Humanitarian AID
Provide Support and Tools for ministry; in addition send US Teams for Humanitarian AID

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Alpha International Ministries (AIM) do?

Alpha International Ministries trains national pastors at our seminary that is located in northern India. Once a new church is planted in a village, the seminary trained pastor and the church have a responsibility to help their community according to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22: 36-40). More than 100 million children in India have to work on a farm, in a sweat shop, or beg on the streets to provide for the survival of the family. Presently, our pastors have taken over 500 children into Grace Children’s Homes and Centers in India and Asia.

What is unique about the Giving Children Hope (GCH) ministry?

Through the ministry of GCH, children are not institutionalized but are either cared for in the loving homes of pastors or are allowed live with their natural parents. When the children live with a pastor in a Grace Children’s Home (GCH), they participate in chapel services everyday where they are taught God’s Word. These children, who would otherwise be on the streets worshipping idols, can quote up to 50 Bible verses at a time! Many of the homes are in areas that are hostile towards Christianity and the GCH homes are a refuge and safe haven for the children. In many cases these children’s homes act as a buffer against hostility from radical Hindus opposed to a Christian pastor living in their neighborhood. When the children live with their parents they are involved in a Grace Children’s Center (GCC). One of our AIM pastors is assigned to the child as their caregiver. Each week they visit with the family and provide the mother with the money, vitamin supplements, school uniforms, and other supplies required to properly care for the child. The pastors also verify that the child is actively enrolled in school and gives the child additional tutoring if needed. All children in our GCH programs are required to attend school. If they are found not to be in school, the child’s parents forfeit AIM’s assistance. In addition to requiring that the child addends school and that their needs are provided for, the parents must agree to let an AIM pastor meet with the child three times a week to conduct Bible studies and worship with other sponsored children. In some cases, this also provides an opportunity for the pastor to share the gospel with the child's family.

What is AIM’s vision for the future?

Here at Alpha International Ministries we are convinced that together we can make an eternal difference in the lives of the 100 million suffering children in India. As we touch the life of each individual child we can be assured of fulfilling the promise of Jesus: “Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives me.” (Mark 9:37) Our vision is to provide homes for 20,000 children by the year 2020. It’s our prayer that these children will extend the hope to thousands of others around them who themselves are in need.

How does my money help?

The children enrolled in GCH are the neediest in the world. While some of them may have both living parents they have absolutely no means of providing of the essential needs of the children. Your sponsorship guarantees that the child receives proper care in the areas of education and health (both physical and spiritual). We strive to provide each child with a clear understanding of the gospel message and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Research shows that 85 percent of all people who receive Christ do so before the age of 18. In the larger picture, your sponsorship helps establish a strong Christian foundation for a child of Hindu origins – a foundation that will impact a lifetime and eternity.

What specific help is provided by my sponsorship?

As a sponsor, you give your child: • Spiritual Nurture: The opportunity to hear the Gospel and be grounded in scripture. You will be amazed to see how many Bible verses, stories and songs these children learn in a very short time. • Education: The opportunity to go to school. For most of these children, learning to read and write means that they have the opportunity for a far better future than their parents. • Nutrition: These children have never had a proper meal their whole lives until they were enrolled in the GCH. Our children experience a marked improvement in health after they become part of a children’s home. • Medical Care: Our children live in areas where largely malaria and tuberculosis, etc. is prevalent. We ensure that each child gets a physical check-up once a year. In addition, children also learn basic habits of good hygiene, such as washing hands, trimming fingernails and bathing regularly. • Social Skills: Often the children enrolled come from unruly backgrounds with no sense of proper manners or social skills. Our pastors work hard to pray for and instruct the children in the fear of the Lord.

How often will I receive progress reports from my children?

Your child's progress will be updated at least once a year and will be availalbe on the website when you log into your account. In case of a sudden change in circumstance, the sponsor is immediately notified. As stated above, our ministry exists in areas where Christians are not always welcome. In some cases, due to persecution from authorities or pressure from family members, we may no longer be able to provide care for a child in the home. In extreme circumstances homes may have to be closed down or moved to another location. In such instances, we will immediately notify you, our sponsor, and give you the option to switch sponsorship to another needy child.

Can I sponsor a child online?

Yes. Click on the “Sponsor a Child” button at the top of the page and to select a child. Since many of our children reside in remote locations, it may take time to gather a child's information and have their pictures sent to our main office. If there are no children available at the time you wish to sponsor, please select the sample child and one will be assigned to you once as soon as a new child’s profile is complete.

May I send my child a special gift or package?

For the sake of fairness, AIM policy is to take care of children’s needs on a general basis without giving some boys and girls extra things that others might not receive. For this reason, we cannot accept special gifts for children. However, we do send Christmas cards to the children in October during the medical mission and pastor's conference in October. Please have all cards to the AIM office by September 30th.

How long should my commitment last?

We give sponsors the opportunity to support children throughout their entire education. Our desire is to see each child complete high school. We are convinced of the Lord’s sovereignty, deep love and abundant provision for these children. Some supporters may desire to assist their sponsored child for the entire length of his or her education; others may choose only a year or two, depending on their individual situations. We are sincerely grateful for the support you provide, yet we also understand that your circumstances may change.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

You can arrange for a visit with your child by planning to attend our conference in India during the fall (you will be notified of the dates). This is a weeklong conference of our pastors and children in Baroda, India during the months of October or November (each year the dates coincide with the dates of a major holiday in India). You can contact our office for a chance to visit India during the conference.

How can my church help?

Many of our churches take a special offering for these children during VBS or when they do their bi-annual fund raising. During the summer, funds are needed to buy school supplies like uniforms, shoes and books for children. During winter, warm clothes and blankets become necessary. You can help to mobilize your church to support this great need.

Are my contributions to Alpha International Ministries tax deductible?

All contributions to AIM are tax deductible. At the end of the year, we will send you a report of your giving for tax purposes. Tax statements will also be available online beginning in January 2011.

How do I make payments?

You can pay online with your credit/debit card or by setting up an automated withdrawal from your checking account. Set up your payment method when making a contribution.

How do I cancel an order, sponsorship, or request a refund?

To cancel an order or sponsorship please contact our office at (817) 453-0710. All donations are considered final and non-refundable (unless they are submitted in error). Please contact our office if you require assistance.

How do I cancel an order, a sponsorship, or request a refund?

To cancel an order or sponsorship please contact our office at (817) 453-0740 or email us at All donations are considered final and non-refundable (unless they are submitted in error). Please contact our office if you require assistance.

Is my privacy protected? What type of information do you collect about me?

Alpha International Ministries (AIM) is committed to your privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this site. AIM assures you that the identity of all who contact us through this website is kept confidential. We do not rent, sell, or exchange our mailing lists. For more information, see our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page.

Can I designate where my donation goes?

We will make every attempt to honor the way you have designated your donations. However, in certain circumstances, where a project is overfunded or cannot be carried out in accordance with your preference, the funds will be used for similar projects approved by the Board of Directors.

What can you tell me about the National Church Planter (NCP) that I support?

Our NCPs work in highly persecuted areas and as a result we typically do not provide supporters information regarding the identity and whereabouts of the NCP. However, we are currently developing an application which will provide the sponsor with the first name and general location of the NCP along with a photo, prayer requests, and ministry updates.

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