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Our sponsorship program is unique as the children you sponsor help build a bridge for the national leader to reach their family and community for the gospel. Join us in helping break generational poverty by providing for the spiritual and physical needs of these children.
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Top 4 Sponsorship FAQs
1. How Often Do I Receive Update?
AIM sends you updates of your child twice a year. You will receive either an updated picture or more information of your child from overseas! So be on the lookout in our mailbox! You may also check the account you created online to see the periodic updates of your child or make necessary changes.
Top 4 Sponsorship FAQs
2. Can I Send My Child A Letter?
Due to the intense environments in the communities we serve we are unable at this time to provide letter exchanges with children. However, you will receive updates of your child including current photos, and information on their spiritual and scholastic development.
“I love getting the updates on my girls and seeing how they are growing in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus.”
“I’ve been a GCH sponsor for 4 years now and have been blessed as my kids grow. I read their stories and amazed so little can give so much hope.”
How It Works
We work to break the cycle of generational poverty by providing for the spiritual and physical needs of children in hurting communities. Through working with national leaders for over 50 years, we found that the best place to start is with the community as a whole. The best part is, using this strategy, for every 1 child you sponsor, 2 more also benefit.
Leaders Partner
With Communities
Our National Leaders connect with local families within the community through various outreach projects. These projects are geared to empower locals to be self sustaining.
We Connect 1 Child
to 1 Sponsor
Children in these hard pressed communities are then nominated for sponsorship through our Giving Children Hope Program. Each child is paired with one sponsor.
Your Investment
Is Maximized
We are proud to say that only 10% of any donation goes towards operating expenses. The 90% goes directly to support families and children within hurting communities. Your monthly support is joined with other donations to serve your child and community projects geared for long term impact.
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